VARTA Promotive Silver

Enjoy supreme efficiency every day and avoid time-wasting errors. Promotive Silver is the perfect choice for fully-equipped heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks and fire engines. An advanced product that needs no maintenance, provides high cyclical stability and long life span due to SHD (Super Heavy Duty) technology. What do you get? Remarkable cost cutting!
– Developed for high-capacity commercial vehicles with large power consumption and great demands as far as vibration resilience goes
– Exceedes the requirements of EN Super Heavy Duty (SHD) technology – EN4 standard resilience and V3 vibration resilience
– Incredibly safe due to the closed lid on the battery mesh, protection against jumping when already on, protection against touching the terminals and special caps
– Minimal discharge level due to calcium-silver alloy mesh technology
– Stocking can last up to 18 months
– The most advanced Original Equipment (OE) technology and the lowest water consumption for a great saving (TCO)

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