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About us

Top Start d.o.o. specializes in car battery sales and repairs. We provide a wide range of batteries for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, leisure and industrial needs.

Founded in 2001, we gained our experience from battery pioneers in Slovenia.

With Top Start d.o.o., you can come to our store to get your battery, but you can also order online. Any product can be ordered from our website, while motorcyclists can visit our specialist web store which has the widest choice of moto-batteries in the country.

We supply batteries and related components to many auto-electrics suppliers, repair centres and stores.

Top Star d.o.o. provides integral solutions for alarm power, emergency lighting, cleaning machines, UPS machines, electrical fork-lifts and suspension lifts. We also offer solutions for powering larger infrastructure and communication projects.

Battery repair

Forming the BATTERY REPAIR (servis akumulatorjev) brand, we became a widely recognised battery retailer and repair provider among end consumers in and around Ljubljana.

HALO akumulator

To offer our customers an even better service, we started HALO AKUMULATOR – our home installation service.

A specialized online store with the largest selection of batteries for motorbikes, four-wheelers, lawnmowers, jet skis...

Top Start d.o.o. – reliable partner for reliable starting, drive and power supply

PE - Šiška

Celovška cesta 134/a, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

+386 1 514 11 56

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PE - Rudnik

Cvetkova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

+386 1 514 11 58

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PE - Maribor

Domnova ulica 7, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

+386 2 292 73 70

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